Services - Ranch & Stables


We will store your horse's saddlery and  equipment  in a clean, safe  and ventilated environment. Your horses' accommodation can either be in an individual stable or in an open stable. Just note that vetinary fees or horsesmith fees will be charged for over and above stabling fees.

We feed our horses twice a day with hay, power food and vegetables. Fresh, clean water and salt and minerals are provided to the horses at all times. Between meals your horse will put out to paddock with the other horses. If required we can also clean, lunge or train your horse daily.

Our Horses

We are keeping our horses for riding and breeding purposes and after they mature we train the horses for riding.

Horse Riding Lessons

Come learn how to ride with us herein the lovely countryside of Southern Turkey, in Patara.  Come ride on the beach, through the forest, over the sand dunes, past the ancient ruins and the spectacular sunsets and views in this area. Just relax and enjoy your holiday and leave the rest to us.

We offer private riding lessons for riders of all abilities. For beginner riders and children over 8 we can offer one on one lessons. If you wish to let your children under the age of 8 years old ride please contact us so we can make special arrangements.

Organic Farm Products

Organic products are also on offer -  we farm with olives, olive oil and vegatables in season. Village eggs and village chickens are also available. Special herbal tea, thyme, sage and bay leaves are harvested from the surrounding mountains.

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